The Rivers of Hades

With the Rivers of Hades: Styx, Mathias Josefson finishes a project he has been working on whilst studying at the Royal University College of Fine Arts. It is the final piece of work of a five part series, where the Greek mythology kingdom of death, Hades five underground rivers, provide the the inspiration of these five audiovisual compositions. The idea of implementing one Hades river a year was clear to Josefson from the beginning of his work, placing him in a conceptual tradition.

The Rivers of Hades: Styx is a sculptural sound installation. Four motor driven objects are placed onto the floor of the gallery. The sound generated from the constant mechanical movement is, despite its mechanical source, variable and organic. In addition to the audial waves, the spectator is also exposed to traces of movement in form of the wind from the rotation.

Mathias Josefson has an earlier Masters degree in computer science from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He has been exploring the scene of experimental music as a member of Fylkingen and the EMS for the last ten years.

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