in top shape

“…and again this is Mathias and Karin in top shape.

Starting out as tranquil field recordings with birdsong, they add high ebow drones and something that sounds like many stringed instruments being played simultaneously. After some ten minutes the track moves off into hypnotising drone territory, with occasional sounds of a music box being wound up, giving the whole a freaky atmosphere. The drones build up, louder and louder, to then quickly give way to airy and spacious sounds around the 30-minute mark. Beautiful then is how the track quite unexpectedly ends in glitch, with drones and other sounds skipping and tottering as if you were listening to a badly scratched CD.

Live in Krakow has become a rermarkably hypnotising and far from minimalist piece of drones. And you would not say it is a live recording, but for the applause at the end. Warmly recommended for drone-enthusiasts. …”
- songsoverruins

the entire review of the live recording from krakow can be found here. an english translation can be found on the audiotong web site.

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