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live performances.

Ã…ke Hodell performance at Dramaten

Last week’s performance at Dramaten was great. More informaton here.

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ongoing and upcoming exhibitions

it has been quiet on the website for quite a long while but finally there are some updates. there is currently a group exhibition focusing on the Swedish conceptiual art at Kalmar konstmuseum. The piece 1977.11.22-2007.11.22 is part of this … Continue reading

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Ã¥ke hodell festival and dvd release

yesterday mathias did a performance on the djurgårds ferry as part of the åke hodell festival. the festival continued later in the evening and also included a dvd release. a very successful event.

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in may 1999 the label cold meat industrty released the compilation estheticks of cruelty with a relase party in jönköping. this was the first release and performance with moljebka pvlse. since then moljebka pvlse has: – released fifteen full length … Continue reading

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concert in hågelbyparken

mathias will perform in hÃ¥gelbyparken on the 16th of august at the festival grönt ljud. the festival is between 12 and 16. information in swedish below: Söndag 16:e aug kl 12-16 Grönt Ljud i HÃ¥gelbyparken Fri entré Ny Musik Stockholm … Continue reading

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in top shape

“…and again this is Mathias and Karin in top shape. Starting out as tranquil field recordings with birdsong, they add high ebow drones and something that sounds like many stringed instruments being played simultaneously. After some ten minutes the track … Continue reading

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guest lecture at stockholm university

mathias will give a lecture at the stockholm university on the 25th of february in the class of computer music.

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review of the release live in krakow

the first review of the free web release from krakow can be found here. and the release can be downloaded from audiotong.

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two videos from the tel aviv show

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two brand new moljebka pvlse releases

moljebka pvlse is back from the israel tour with one show in tel aviv and one in jerusalem. a special tour cd-r was made for this tour and can now be found in the discography. also brand new is a … Continue reading

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flyer for the israel tour

it will not be much longer before moljebka pvlse goes to israel. the flyer for the two shows looks like this.

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moljebka pvlse on tour in israel

moljebka pvlse will go on tour in israel. the scheduled shows are in tel aviv on the 16th of november and jerusalem on the 18th of november. this is very exciting.

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moljebka pvlse live at fylkingen, stockholm

it has been a while since moljebka pvlse performed at fylkingen, but on the 16th of august it will happen again. a concert evening with the bands beyond sensory experience and diskrepant.

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review of concert in zielona gora

a review of the concert in zielona gora can be found here. it is in polish, but if you do not read this then you can look at the photos.

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tour of poland

the tour of poland was really nice. moljebka pvlse shared the stage with beyond sensory experience in zielona gora and with kotra in krakow. a tour cd-r was released and there are still a few copies left. information about the … Continue reading

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