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releases by moljebka pvlse, mathias josefson and other collaborations.

New Moljebka Pvlse album out soon!

A new Moljebka Pvlse album will soon be available from Magnanimous Records. Pre order it here. The release is limited to 100 copies in hand-made covers.

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Dunkla Dunkla Musik

is now available as a free web download from Zeromoon. Dowload available here.

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zojo: new full length moljebka pvlse release

The first new full length in over a year from Moljebka Pvlse will be available next month from the Greytone record label. The title of the album is Zojo. The past few months have seen the release of a compilation … Continue reading

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a brand new release: zielona gora

a collaborative work between beyond sensory experience and moljebka pvlse has been released on a cd today. the label writes the following: We at Ur Muzik headquarters love Sweden… and we are proud to present our very first release ‘Zielona … Continue reading

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Ã¥ke hodell festival and dvd release

yesterday mathias did a performance on the djurgårds ferry as part of the åke hodell festival. the festival continued later in the evening and also included a dvd release. a very successful event.

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aningan: new moljebka pvlse release

a new moljebka pvlse release with the title aningan has been released today on the wonderful label mystery sea. more information about the release is available here.

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in may 1999 the label cold meat industrty released the compilation estheticks of cruelty with a relase party in jönköping. this was the first release and performance with moljebka pvlse. since then moljebka pvlse has: – released fifteen full length … Continue reading

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first album by skare

the first ablum by skare is now out on glacial movements. a review by frans de waard can be found here. …some great nocturnal scary listening session. – frans de waard

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in top shape

“…and again this is Mathias and Karin in top shape. Starting out as tranquil field recordings with birdsong, they add high ebow drones and something that sounds like many stringed instruments being played simultaneously. After some ten minutes the track … Continue reading

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best of dead music 2008

john björkman told me today after our recording session at ems, that the album ghost fire made it to the kuolleen musiikin yhdistys list of the best releases of 2008. thank you guys, it means a lot to me. check … Continue reading

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review of the release live in krakow

the first review of the free web release from krakow can be found here. and the release can be downloaded from audiotong.

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two brand new moljebka pvlse releases

moljebka pvlse is back from the israel tour with one show in tel aviv and one in jerusalem. a special tour cd-r was made for this tour and can now be found in the discography. also brand new is a … Continue reading

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new items added to the mailorder

a few new releases have been added to the mailorder.

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a new moljebka pvlse release called ghost fire 鬼火

a new full length moljebka pvlse release is available from the hong kong based label lona records. this release is a one-track, one-hour album of mixed and processed field-recordings and drones. the release will soon be available from isoramara records.

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spring exhibition at konstakademien

there is currently a spring exhibition at konstakademien in stockholm where mathias shows a four channel sound installation. the piece of the exhibition also includes a book with three inch cd-r. the exhibition ends on the 15th of june.

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